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Edline is a single communications platform that is connected to all your important information.

To ensure that information from a variety of external or third party systems can be imported and accessible from a single interface point, our team of software engineers can create connections that keep information up-to-date and consistent across all your systems.

In fact - Edline works with over 100 leading SIS providers.

From SIS to Facility Management – Keeping It All Consistent

We understand that your school or district may have third-party systems that need to be integrated with your new Edline solution so parents, students and educators only need to go to one place for everything that’s important to them.

Whether you want to import personal student data from your SIS to Edline’s LCMS or integrate your facilities management scheduling with our robust calendar systems, Edline’s team of talented software engineers can work with you to create secure connections. While not all systems are compatible, we will explore all possibilities to try and connect your information systems in the most centralized manner.

Single Sign-On: Integration through Interface

No matter what your integration needs represent, we will ensure that the end result is a seamless interface that connects all information while maintaining a consistent look and feel and navigation experience for users. We don’t want you or your community to leave the comfort of Edline’s friendly and dynamic user interface.

Partnerships that Build Bridges

Edline customers benefit from value-enhancing partnerships with companies such as SchoolDude that ensure ‘out of the box’ integration with industry-leading products. While our custom integration team works hard to create and work with software APIs that promote centralized data, we also pursue industry partnerships that make this process much easier.

When you’re ready to integrate your third party systems with your new Edline solution, just ask us how to get started!