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LMS & Classroom Solutions

Extend the Capabilities of Edline’s Classroom Websites

As the needs of educators continue to expand, Edline offers districts and schools the opportunity to extend their classroom websites to take advantage of the advanced functionality of a true Learning Management Solution (LMS). When you combine the power of Blackboard xpLor with your Edline community, you’re extending your website and communication portal and pushing the boundaries of your existing teaching and learning tools, all seamlessly integrated into the Edline LCMS.


  • Blackboard xpLor

    Are you looking to extend your school and classroom website and move more of your teaching and learning online? With xpLor and Edline, not only can you set up your classroom websites for the purposes of posting homework, grades, attendance, progress reports, activity schedules, etc., you can also provide your teachers with the added benefit of a global, cloud-based content repository where educators can increase their ability to captivate the active learn by bringing the learning experience online.

  • Gradebook Solutions

    Edline's gradebook solutions are rich in features and intuitive in design and interface. In fact, users benefit from a seamless integration with their LCMS, providing the easiest to set up and manage grading solution that leverages our powerful LCMS tools to keep students and parents engaged with the entire learning process.


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