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Notification Solutions

We're proud to offer Blackboard Connect as our preferred notification solution. 
Now with Edline single sign-on!

Reach parents, teachers, staff, and administrators with quick, relevant information. With the Blackboard Connect family of solutions, you can connect with your audience easier than ever with the devices they prefer and through the tools they already use. You can target and customize your messaging to reach anyone, anywhere. Empower your teachers and students. Improve safety and achievement. And do it all much more efficiently.

Notification isn't one size fits all.

Get the best for less today by mixing and matching the Blackboard Connect solutions that meet your needs.

Blackboard Connect 5
K-12's leading mass notification and emergency alert system with the new Connect Access Portal, Connect Mobile Apps, language translations, multi-modal delivery with just a click, a brand new streamlined interface, 24/7 access to live product support experts, and the reliability of 99.99 percent service uptime (2011) with a 96% client satisfaction rating in a recent Gomez Research survey. And did we mention the new single sign-on with the Edline LCMS by Blackboard Engage? Learn more.

Blackboard Connect for Teachers
Powerful parent engagement tool for teachers at the classroom level. Teachers can send over 1,000 pre-recorded comments specific to K-12 learning environments in over 23 languages using human voice recordings. Connect for Teachers also includes email notifications for parents to reference after receiving voice notifications, accurate online delivery reports, attendance and grade notifications, and much more. Learn more.

Blackboard ConnectTxt
Two-way texting and anti-bullying to create a better learning environment. Learn more.

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