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We are proud to introduce the next big concept in education technology—the Learning Community Management System (LCMS).

Designed specifically for K-12 learning communities, the LCMS exists at its core as an all-in-one website solution. The LCMS combines the features of a Content Management System (web design, editing, permissions, templates, content publishing, site navigation etc.) and a Learning Management System (gradebook, quizzes, homework hand-in, wikis, discussions etc.) with the added capabilities of robust outbound communication (email, text and voice notification).

The Edline LCMS from Blackboard Engage on Vimeo.

A Single Communication Platform for the Entire Learning Community

The LCMS connects all the diverse groups that make up your entire learning community - from the district and school level to classrooms, clubs, teams, boards, alumni and committees - so that everyone can collaborate and communicate safely and effectively.

  • District, School and Classroom Website Solutions

    Easiest in the industry to set up, deploy and maintain district, school and classroom websites.

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  • Learning Management and Classroom Solutions

    Are you looking to extend your school and classroom websites and move more of your teaching and learning online? Check out our interactive classrooms with enhanced Learning Management Solution (LMS) functionality, online tests, quizzes and forms, seamlessly-integrated gradebooks and enhanced communication tools.

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  • Notification Solutions

    Email, text and voice notification for routine announcements or emergencies. Get the word out in minutes with multiple language options.

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Publish. Inform. Engage.

With many website solutions, teachers often struggle to get classroom pages up and running because of cumbersome editing tools and unfriendly user interfaces. Edline removes these barriers and delivers an incredibly easy-to-use experience that helps teachers provide comprehensive online learning environments - enhancing their effectiveness and ultimately increasing student performance.

Classroom pages are ready and waiting from a teacher's first login while content can easily be reused from one class to the next, allowing even the least tech savvy teacher to successfully publish their classroom pages. Additionally, you have the option of extending our classroom pages into the full LMS instructional suite for further enhancement of online teaching tools.


Edline’s direct connection to over 100 SIS providers lets you automatically populate every teacher’s classroom page with student and family information – the first time they log in. 

Real Result: In an Illinois school district, the implementation of Edline opened the lines of communication between the school district and parents, leading to a 25% increase in the percentage of students meeting or exceeding state standards.

All the information that is important – in one place.

Despite the majority of site visitors being family members, most website solutions don’t offer a personalized navigation experience for parents—who end up struggling to find the material they are looking for. Edline, however, automatically recognizes each and every user and gives parents the ability to set shortcuts to the information they care about. They can also sign up to receive timely notifications via web or phone—all through our centralized website communication platform.


One centralized view of every family student.

When parents access their child’s classroom pages, they can quickly see a consolidated and personalized view of each child’s calendars, grades and homework assignments—even if multiple children attend different schools in the district.

  • Personalized navigation gives parents direct links to their child’s pertinent information.
  • Site translates into over 20 languages, eliminating the typical language barriers.
  • Teachers can send classroom-specific information directly to parents in a controlled web environment - such as homework answers or special notices.
  • Our popular Combined Calendars give 360° view of all classes, clubs and activities.
Real Result: 96% of parents surveyed in one of Florida's largest school districts believe they are in a better position to help students thrive as a result of the district's implementation of Edline's Learning Community Management System.

Personalized. Interactive. Instant.

Edline’s revolutionary approach to learning creates an engaging education environment that provides students with familiar online technologies that are easy, safe and productive. Students can quickly go online to join discussions, complete assignments or hand-in homework from the same dynamic classroom website where they check their grades. Personalized calendars keep students informed of extracurricular activities and upcoming events and group pages let them interact with peers in a secure online environment.


  • One secure log-in to access to all classes, homework, grades, calendars and assignments.
  • Fully interactive LMS-inspired classrooms let students participate in discussions, stay up-to-date with educator blogs and benefit from a safe online learning environment.
  • Centralized homework drop-boxes and student web lockers keep students organized.
  • Online quizzes and tests can be graded automatically, posting results instantly.
Real Result: By encouraging students to use modern online tools to manage their daily learning activities, an Illinois school district has recognized a 45% increase on district-wide ISAT scores.

Scalable. Robust. Effortless.

If a website solution doesn’t make your Webmaster’s job easier, you’ll likely find yourself with an investment that fails to reach its full potential.

Edline is both user-friendly and intuitive, enabling any user to publish content easily and often. Tiered permissioning allows administrators to distribute workload responsibilities, which empowers groups (classrooms, departments, committees, clubs etc.) to manage their own webpages. As an added benefit, we proudly boast the quickest implementation time in the industry!


  • Retain oversight, but delegate the workload by empowering groups with section-level page ownership.
  • Control and provide permissions to users to enable them to do their job effectively.
  • Extend the Web platform to outbound notification via text or phone.
  • Enjoy true full-page, in-line what you see is what you get editing – right down to a specific content area on a page.
  • Change complete designs with the click of a mouse.
Real Result: Quick and easy site deployment! We launched close to 200 schools at a large school district in Florida in less than 60 days.