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Learn along with other Edline LCMS users.

In our in-person, hands-on sessions, you will get to practice new features, learn troubleshooting techniques and explore all the ways teachers can use Edline products to ease their workload and improve the quality of their instruction.

Why Attend?

  • Learn from the experts. Our trainings feature seasoned veterans who have logged hundreds of hours in training and technical support. Many are former school employees.
  • Maximize your investment. Are you making the most of your online learning products? We offer a wide array of useful features that can save you and your school time and money, and a Regional Training is the best way to make sure you’re using them to the fullest.
  • Check out new features. In our ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the curve and better serve our users, we're always adding to and adapting our products with the ever-changing world of educational technology.
  • Share ideas, questions and suggestions with other educators in your area. Quite often our customers are our best salespeople! During regional trainings you'll have plenty of time to learn useful tips and tricks from your peers to take back to your own staff.
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Most of our customers agree that teamwork leads to success!

We recommend that a team—usually an administrator, a teacher and a tech specialist—attend these training sessions together. Working together allows each member to contribute ideas from their unique perspective and job assignment. As a team you'll learn training techniques to better support your teachers, best practices to increase parental involvement, clever ideas to incorporate into your school's website and much more.

Training Agenda

Introduction: What Parents See

Whether you’re designing your website first time, tenth time or just maintaining it, it helps to understand what parents see when visiting an Edline page. During this session you will review other sites and discover ways to better meet the needs of your parents. With parental involvement directly correlating to student success, ensure you’re making it easy for them to use the following:

  • School Home Page

  • Class Home Page

  • My Activities

  • Combined Calendar

  • Private Reports

  • Navigation


Part 1: 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Classroom Website

In order not to overwhelm teachers when they are first introduced to their class pages, this working session will focus on the five most useful and helpful areas for teachers: News, Calendar, Home Page, Links and Content.  You'll learn how to:

  • Setup a class page

  • Post a homework assignment

  • Post calendar items

  • Post information in News and Links

  • Add information to content sections

  • Change visibility of folders and documents


Part 2: 21st Century Learning Tools

This session will review best practices for attracting the “digital native” student, and best ways to incorporate Web 2.0 tools into the classroom site. You’ll learn how to:

  • Embed Images/Video

  • Crop images

  • Use and monitor webpage commenting

  • Utilize advanced calendar features

  • Add Blogs, Discussions & Slideshows

  • Upload files to the File Locker

  • Enhance parent/student communications

  • Reuse old classroom content

Q: What are my options if I can't find a regional training in my area?
A: We offer a catalog of online training courses. Please email or call us at 800.491.0010 for more information.

Q: Who should attend the regional training?
A: Teachers, Super User(s), Technology Coordinators and Directors, or anyone else responsible for implementing the classroom or gradebook solution.

Q: What can we expect to learn?
A: Our instructors will help you achieve a thorough understanding of Edline LCMS class pages and GradeQuick Web.

Q: How much does regional training cost?
A: The sessions cost $225 for the first person and $200 for each additional attendee.

Q: What are the typical hours of the day?
A: The day typically starts at 8:00 AM and runs until 3:00 PM.

Q: How many days is the training?
A: Onsite training workshops will be held as one-day sessions. Online sessions are two hours.

Q: What do I need to bring to the training session?
A: For sessions taking place at a hotel conference center, please bring your laptop, mouse, power cord and all other laptop accessories. These are working sessions so please be prepared to add content, news, images, calendar events, etc.

Q: Is lunch served?
A: Yes. Lunch is on us.

Q: Where can I get additional information or sign up for regional training?
A: To sign up for regional training, please click on the Attend Regional Training button and fill out the form. If you have any additional questions or would like more information, please contact your Blackboard Engage Sales representative, e-mail or call 800.491.0010.