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Educator Resources

Decades of academic research have established that parental involvement has a significant impact on improving school performance and raising student achievement.

Report on Edline - Pilot year

Even though this was a 'pilot' year, the usefulness of the program quickly became evident to many teachers, students and parents.


The Impact of Family Life on Student Achievement

A good Family life is critically important in shaping students’ academic, civic, and economic life. This study shows how parental involvement is a key contributing factor driving student achievement.


What happened to the Village - Parents and Community as partners in Education - Dr. Blondean Davis

Two-way communication between teacher and parent can resolve many problems and enable them to work together to help the child do better in school.


Web Links Teachers, Students, Parents

With a few clicks of her laptop mouse, the eighth-grader at Miami's Palmer Trinity School can easily track down that homework assignment or any others she might have missed.


A New Wave of Evidence - The impact of school, family and community on student achievement

When schools build partnerships with families that respond to their concerns and honor their contributions, they are successful in sustaining connections that are aimed at improving student achievement.


Efforts by Public K-8 Schools to Involve Parents in Children’s Education

Research over the last two decades has demonstrated that children whose parents are involved are more likely than other youth to have positive educational outcomes such as improved academic performance, better school attendance, higher aspirations, reduced dropout rates, and increased graduation rates.